A Twist of Fate no.21

10th of August I often visited Baptiste’s grandfather. I opened the gate leading to his tiny garden, and he got up from the chair, which was leant against the brick wall covered with grapevine, in order to greet me with … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.20 – "Sound and silence"

“Oh, Gabriel! Is that really you?” A dark-haired, suntanned girl flung herself into my arms. The scent of her perfume made me feel dizzy, and my hands trembled when I embraced her. The moment she moved back, I recognized her … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.7

5th of July We said goodbye to Florence, promising we would come back to visit her. She hugged us warmly and said she would be waiting for us. Then, she fainted for a second time. Robert caught her and laid … Continued