We were dreaming about freedom. About travelling in Hawaiian shirts, without the shackles of hotels, beaten track, about feeling the wind in our hair and fur…

And we believed. We sold our car and bought an old camper. And why should we wait? Without much of planning we got into the camper, the hairy family with three dogs, their red dragons.

We set off for an italian trip with lust for adventure and being already called the crazy ones.

Nights spent on the italian vineyards, meeting thirteen saints, dogs opening people’s hearts. Adventure Car fighting with the Roads of Fear, escaping from the goats, transience of time in the Ghost City…

Life is a travel, and strange things may happen sometimes. In our case, even a normal road becoms a family adventure…And we’re being abducted in Venice.

Will you let us take you for an adventure?

About the book

It’s a book about happinness, which is here and now, within your reach.I wrote it with my mom: we had been in the same places, but we describe them very differently. In „Hairy Travels: Italy with three collies” we tell you the stroy about our first trip in a camper. Italy is an exceptional country for us: that’s where my parents have met, and also, I have to say that wherever we go, people think that we come from Italy. When we went as the whole family (I mean, with three dogs), we were simply called crazy.

When we returned, we started describing our feelings of this travels and that’s how this book came to life. We will be telling you a lot of stories. But when we finish, do just one thing: after the last dot start to write your own story.

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