A Twist of Fate no.21

10th of August I often visited Baptiste’s grandfather. I opened the gate leading to his tiny garden, and he got up from the chair, which was leant against the brick wall covered with grapevine, in order to greet me with … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.20 – "Sound and silence"

“Oh, Gabriel! Is that really you?” A dark-haired, suntanned girl flung herself into my arms. The scent of her perfume made me feel dizzy, and my hands trembled when I embraced her. The moment she moved back, I recognized her … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.19

1st of August I told Julia and Robert about the meeting in La Garde while we were drinking espresso and chowing down another fruit tart. “Are you sure that you met her? That it wasn’t just… I don’t know… a … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.18 – "A scene from life"

30th of July We drove to the medieval festival in La Garde, which is located about thirty kilometers from St Cyr. We arrived when the sun was setting behind a beastly-looking rock, towering over the houses, with a chapel blended … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.17

24th of July It was Robert’s birthday. Julia had already bought him heaps of presents, claiming that each of those things would last until the end of his life. On the preceding day, we came up with the scheme for … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.16 – "The painting in an herb shop"

22nd of July While riding the bicycles to the beach, we would see a great of number of scooters swooshing along the streets and maneuvering between large and slow cars. Julia set her heart on a particular Vespa in red, … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.15

20th of July Life at the vineyard went by slowly and pleasantly. We got up early in the morning and worked until noon – then we knocked off because Baptiste said it was too hot to continue working. Robert came … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.12 – "Travels"

The three of them were good friends, and they traveled across the entire world in search of happiness. Their travels began a couple of years ago, as soon as they reached adulthood and their parents told them they could go … Continued

A Twist of Fate no.11

11th of July I woke up in the morning and realized that I was in Arles, the city of corridas which guarded the gates of Camargue, a French incarnation of the Wild West, where wild horses ran around the marshy … Continued

Zrządzenie losu no.11

11 lipca Obudziłem się rano i zdałem sobie sprawę, że jestem w Arles, mieście corrid, strzegącym wejścia do Camargue, francuskiego Dzikiego Zachodu, gdzie po rozległych, podmokłych łąkach biegają dzikie konie, hodowane są byki, a flamingi z gracją spacerują po rozlewiskach … Continued