Books have wondrous power. They can change, enrich, and sometimes even turn your whole world upside down. Sometimes you need to make only one step to make a story come true, to make it a gate to the Pine Forest…Discover, how much depends on you. Can you believe? Be the Guardian of the Light. Find enough strength in you to get to know the truth, free the World from darkness and find yourself. The forest will never be the same again. Past is the key to the future…listen to the stories of the trees – not everyone understand their words. Be like the Kenar. Are you ready? One who will once experience the mystery, will be forever a part of it. And remember: the history of the world is still happening and everyone can write a unique page to be a part of it.

About the book

It’s a book about imagination, power and magic of the word. It tells the story of a boy, who one day reaches to an unkown part of a forest. He meets there and old man, who invites him for a coffee. Misterious inhabitant of the forest starts reading a book that he once found, telling the story of adventures of Kenar, who not only discovers the Pine Forest, but also himself. The longer the story lasts, the more real this story becomes. Two world – real one and that from the book – start to touch each other, and we suddenly realize that they’re the one world. This is what I wanted to say by this story: that we have a choice, we can live either in a gray, normal reality, or create a living in the Pine Forest, learning to perceive every little and wonderful miracles, which happen to us every day. The book tells a story, that every of us is exceptional and may fulfil his dreams – knowing only, where he’s going to.

"Tales of the Pine Forest"

„Tales of the Pine Forest”