Footsteps in a silence

If you ever hear the winds singing
tell me
for I’ve forgotten the language of this world
If you ever ever see an apple on a tree
pluck it for me
for I’ve lost the vision of fullness
in the battle with emptiness
And if you ever smell a scent of flowers
think about me
for the overflow of world has killed
the world of my flowers

When the autumn came
and first leaves have fallen from the trees
we’ve met in the chamber with seven doors
there our paths were chosen
and we set off to different places
with the same song on our lips

I travelled with my dog-guide
and we learned how to sleep and wake up
how to see, talk, walk
and not to think about what’s
real and what is not
and I heard the birds singing
and I plucked an apple from a tree
and filled myself with the scent of flowers

Flowing down the streams
climbing up the mountain peaks
observing lights in the windows
I have become a stream, mountain peak
and light in a window
and for the first time since I’ve lived
I’ve become life

After few years I met you again
we hardly recognized each other
for the masks have fallen from our faces
and the language that we used
became pure beauty
so we were understanding only words
not the story

Therefore we decided to remain in silence
and wander further and further, listening intently
to diamond nights and golden days

Mikołaj Wyrzykowski

Illustration: Ida Piotrowska

It’s one of the poems that will soon be published in a book „A Memory of the Time Being”

ślady w ciszy - Ida